gsd counselors

National School  Counselor week is being observed February 6-10 this year. Thank you to our school counselors for all they do to support students, families, and colleagues! 

School weeks for our counselors are always ever-changing. You may find them teaching classes, running small groups, meeting individually with students and parents, serving on committees, advising teams and clubs, organizing school-wide events, or building a positive school community, amongst other things.

Mrs. Guagliardo from Rockfield Elementary School explained, "My day looks different every single day. I have a regular schedule filled with teaching classes, facilitating small groups, and counseling students. Counselors also help with responsive support for students and staff. I never know what may come up in a day, and it definitely keeps me on my toes. I love it!"

A few of our counselors shared what they love most about their job:

  • Mrs. Peterson, MacArthur Elementary School - "My favorite part about being a school counselor is getting to build relationships with students, families, and staff. Our position is unique in that we have the potential to impact every person in our school. I love getting to know my students and having the opportunity to support them."
  • Mrs. Topitzes, Kennedy Middle School - "I like working with students and parents one-on-one and being able to still work in the classroom teaching lessons. Each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to build a relationship with a student or parent.

  • Mrs. Bast, Germantown High School - "I love building rapport and relationships with my students and their families, watching them grow and follow their dreams. I know that even though it might not be every day, at least some of my days I am 'that person' that one of my students needed to get through a hard day, make a decision, or solve a problem. I feel so rewarded and blessed when I hear back from students, long after they've graduated, that I was able to make a difference."

  • Mrs. Mueller, Germantown High School  - "My favorite part about being a school counselor is supporting students who have struggled at the start of their high school career and seeing them overcome many challenges to be able to graduate and find their purpose.