What it cyber hygiene?

To protect your private information it’s important to practice good cyber hygiene. 

What is cyber hygiene? 
Cyber hygiene describes the daily steps we can take to safeguard our digital lives. Just like we regularly brush our teeth and take showers, it’s essential to focus on the little things that can improve our digital security. 

One great example to get started is to review the privacy and location settings on your digital devices and accounts. Does every app on your phone have location permissions? Did you know Facebook tracks your location even when you aren’t actively using it? 

Cyber Hygiene Check: Check your location settings for the apps on your phone. Make sure that the location settings are turned off. You can always select “allow once” when an app needs location access for a short period of time.

Learn about cyber hygiene and more at a free Cyber Civics Community Event on Tuesday, October 26. The event will start at 6:30 PM in the Germantown PAC (doors open at 5:30). During this event, you will learn about practical cyber tips and tricks and how to safeguard your information online. For more information, click here. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend!