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Chromebooks 101

The 1:1 Chromebooks assigned to students will remain with them for the next few years. Expectations outlined in the Chromebook Handbook remain in place year-round. Students are responsible for the Chromebook at home—even during the summer months. If the device is lost, stolen, and/or damaged, replacement or repair expenses are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

There are many ways to care for the 1:1 Chromebook:
• Store the Chromebook in a clean, dry place.
• Do not eat or drink around the Chromebook.
• Wipe the Chromebook clean with a soft, dry cloth.
• Keep the Chromebook in its protective case.
• Keep the charger with the Chromebook and case.
• Leave the Chromebook at home when going outdoors or on vacation.

If you need extra support with the 1:1 Chromebook:
• Try these troubleshooting steps
Clear the Cache
Update the Chrome OS
• Refer to the Student Tech Help Links (at left)
• Email the Helpdesk at
• Call the Helpdesk at

What can students use the 1:1 Chromebook for over the summer?
• Do summer school coursework
• Access your school's Library Media Center page

Getting the 1:1 Chromebook ready for school:
• Clean out your email inbox and reorganize your Google Drive
• Find the case and charger and put them with your backpack
• Charge up! Login!
Clear the cache! Update Chrome OS!


Contact the HelpDesk at or 262-502-7170 if you're having issues with a district-issued device. Tech support is available Monday–Friday 8 am–4 pm. All support is facilitated at Germantown High School.

If a device will need to be repaired or swapped with a temporary replacement, please call or email in advance to schedule a time to come in. 

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