Early Entrance to Five Year Old Kindergarten

Children who are five years of age on or before September 1 are eligible for five year old kindergarten enrollment. Parents/guardians of children who reach their fifth birthday from September 2 to October 15 may apply for early admission to five year old kindergarten. These children will receive testing/screening to determine whether their abilities suggest they may be an exception to the September 1 eligibility deadline. 

It is important to be aware that early admission is only approved for children with intellectual functioning in the very superior range. This means that they are functioning intellectually at or above 98% of other children their same age. As a result of this requirement, only a very small number of children meet the criteria for early admission. 

Referrals for early admission testing should only be made if a parent believes their child’s intellectual functioning is very superior when compared to other children their age. Children who are recommended for early admission must also have superior development in the additional areas of motor, social, emotional, and behavioral development as the child is essentially being advanced an entire grade level throughout their academic career.

The criteria set by the district for early admission are exceptionally high due to the significant impact this decision can have on children as they progress through later grades and life events in adolescence with an older peer group. All decisions related to a child’s education are vital and deserve the careful deliberation of parents and school personnel. The question of early admission is particularly delicate because positive early educational experiences are the basis for future school success. 

Please be aware that most children who are screened for early entrance do not qualify. Be sure to seek out other options, such as preschool or daycare centers with appropriate programs, in the event that early entrance is not recommended. It is best not to wait until the early entrance decision is made to seek out other possible options, as they may be filled by that time. 

Parents interested in learning more about the early admission procedure may obtain an application packet by contacting the Department of Pupil Services at 262-253-3916. The completed packet must be returned by March 31 to be considered.