COVID-19 Dashboard

The Germantown School District COVID-19 Dashboard has been created to track reported positive COVID-19 cases present in our students and staff. This chart is updated each school day.

Each day lists the total number of reported positive individuals for that particular day. It is not the number of NEW cases. For example: Student A tested positive on 9/1. The count for 9/1 would be ‘1’ with a school year-to-date total of ‘1’. On 9/2, Student B tested positive; the count for 9/2 would be ‘2’ with a year-to-date total of ‘2’. On 9/3, Student C tested positive and Student A returned to school. The count for 9/3 would be ‘2’ with a school year-to-date total of ‘3’. 

As of 1/19/2022 : HIGH RISK

When the district is in the substantial risk or high risk category, students with multiple COVID-19 symptoms will be required to isolate for 5 days and are recommended to get tested. If a negative test is confirmed, the student may return to school when feeling better. Please refer to the COVID-19 Student Guidelines 2021–22 and GSD COVID-19 Mitigation Assessment Tool for more information.