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The district contract's with GoRiteway for its pupil transportation. From time to time other vendors may be used for special needs students depending upon the situation.

Generally, the district transports all students who live over 1 mile from the school building, except that all Kindergarten students qualify. Regular eduction students, special needs students, and parochial students all qualify for transportation.

The Germantown School District is somewhat unique in that most of the roadways leading up to school buildings are considered hazardous as determined throughout the years by the Washington County Sheriff. Very few side walks exist. Under state law, students may not walk along hazardous roads.

Regulations can be complicated. The table below may be helpful in deciding who to contact regarding questions.


Open Enrollment/220 Students Jayne Borst, Admin Assistant to the Superintendent 262-253-3905 jborst@germantown.k12.wi.us
Student Discipline School Office where your Child Attends    
Routing - Special Requests School Office where your Child Attends    
Special Needs Students District Office Special Needs Dept. - Tammy Singer 262-253-3917 tsinger@germantown.k12.wi.us
General & Policy Questions
Richard A. Ericksen, Director of Business & Auxiliary
Services and Pupil Transportation Oversight
262-253-3908 rericksen@germantown.k12.wi.us


  • Germantown School District Office
  • N104W13840 Donges Bay Rd, Germantown, 53022
  • Phone: 262-253-3900