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Identification and Programming


What is giftedness?

The concept of giftedness has varied over the course of educational, philosophical, and psychological history. Researchers such as Terman, Bloom, Renzulli, Feldman, Gardner, and Gagne have all contributed to our understanding and to the ensuing debate about the notion of gifts and talents. Historically, giftedness has been considered to be performance that's two standard deviations above the norm on a standardized test. This approach resulted in lableing individuals as "gifted" in intellectual and academic areas. Views, however, have changed over time so that we now have a much different conception of gifts and talents that includes multiple components of intelligence. Gardner notes that intelligence is multifaceted, not a single entity.  He posits that we think, learn, and create in many different ways. In Wisconsin, we translate this idea into five areas of identification:

  1. General intellectual

  2. Specific academic

  3. Creativity

  4. Leadership

  5. Visual and performing arts

* As defined by Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction


Characteristics of Gifted Learners

A Bright Child:

A Gifted Learner:

Knows the answer

Asks the questions

Is interested

Is highly curious

Is attentive

Is mentally and physically involved

Has good ideas

Has wild, silly ideas

Works hard

Plays around, yet tests well

Answers the questions

Discusses in detail, elaborates

Top group

Beyond the group

Listens with interest

Shows strong feelings and opinions

Learns with ease

Already knows

6-8 repetitions

1-2 repetitions

Understands ideas

Constructs abstractions

Enjoys peers

Prefers adults

Grasps the meaning

Draws inferences

Completes assignments

Initiates projects

Is receptive

Is intense

Copies accurately

Creates a new design

Enjoys school

Enjoys learning

Absorbs information

Manipulates information



Good memorizer

Good guesser

Enjoys sequential presentation

Thrives on complexity

Is alert

Is keenly observant

Is pleased with own learning

Is highly self-critical

Source: Janice Szabos, Challenge Magazine, Issue 34


Screening and Identification Flowchart

The identification process is ongoing and includes all grade levels, K-12. Below is a flowchart that details the specific steps taken in the Germantown School District.

Flow Chart


Identification Criteria

The Germantown School District has established identification criteria for the five areas of giftedness: general intelligence, specific academic area, creativity, leadership, and visual/performing arts.

Identification Criteria for Five Areas of Giftedness

Student Data Profile for Leadership, Creativity, Visual/Performing Arts


Parent and Teacher Referral Forms

Parent-Guardian Talent Development Referral

Teacher Talent Development Referral

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