Our Purpose


The Germantown School District will be the premier district in Wisconsin.


Empower and Inspire Every Student to Success


Enhance quality teaching through evaluation and improvement of curriculum, instructional practices, and assessment practices specifically in literacy and math to ensure that all students are growing academically.

Maximize operational efficiency and establish long-range plans for technological growth, facilities and financial stability.

Build community support and positive public relations through embracing a shared leadership model, engaging community partnerships, and communicating accurately and in a timely manner.

Continue to transform learning through technology.

Goal Tree



Teaching and Learning
  •      All children can learn.
  •      Each individual has the right to a safe environment.
  •      Every person has an unrestricted right to learn.
  •      Each child has the right to experience success.
  •      High expectations result in high performance.
  •      Learning never ceases.
  •       All people have the same inherent worth.
  •       Each person needs meaning in life.
  •       A personal value system gives direction to one’s life.
  •       Each person directs one’s life through personal decision-making.
  •       Each person is responsible for one’s actions.
Community Responsibility
  •       The quality of life is dependent on a healthy community.
  •       The education of children is a primary obligation of our community.
  •       The family is the greatest influence on what a person becomes.
  •       The primary responsibility of any family is its children.
  •       Each person has an obligation to others.


  • Germantown School District Office
  • N104W13840 Donges Bay Rd, Germantown, 53022
  • Phone: 262-253-3900