Gifted Education & Talent Development

“A mind when stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.”    ~Anonymous


Because the GT Steering Committee brought together representatives from all content areas K-12, it was important to ensure early in the process that members were working from the same perspective. The group identified the following beliefs at its first meeting and found considerable common ground. We believe...

  • “Gifted and Talented children” refers to children who demonstrate high ability in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership or specific academic areas
  • All children deserve the opportunity to cultivate their potential
  • GSD is accountable for communicating to all stakeholders our talent development (TD) criteria, K-12 systematic and continuous programming and identification process, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of our programming
  • All stakeholders in a child’s school and community must have a collaborative voice in a systematic integral process for each child’s social, academic, and emotional success
  • In a systematic identification of the abilities and potentials of all students
  • Some students have exceptional talent in one or more of the following areas: creative thinking & production, performing arts, general intelligence, academic subjects, and leadership
  • In the need to provide professional development opportunities to address the social-emotional as well as the academic needs of students
  • In the need to utilize data driven decision-making to ensure that our courses and academic offerings meet the needs of our student population
  • All students have unique strengths and needs, and recognize that some students have extraordinary abilities and potential
  • GSD must provide gifted and talented students with systematic, continuous identification and programming designed to nurture and develop their skills and abilities so that they, too, can achieve success
  • We must have a high quality curriculum with high expectations for all students, delivered by high quality staff because this is foundational to programming that supports talent development


Fall 2013 Gifted Education and Talent Development Newsletter

Spring 2014 Gifted Education and Talent Development Newsletter

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