Special Education
Germantown School District Annual Notice of Special Education Referral and Evaluation Procedures
Germantown School District
Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information Obtained Through Child Find Activities.
An Introduction to Special Education
Germantown School District Special Education Policies and Procedures
Special Education Rights for Parents and Children
Elementary Staff School Phone # Email
Linda Gould Amy Belle 253-3470 Email
Julie Mink Amy Belle 253-3470 Email
Eric Vivoda Amy Belle 253-3470 Email
  Amy Belle 253-3470 Email
Erica Van Serke Amy Belle 253-3470  
Annette Williams Amy Belle 253-3470 Email
Tricia Berge County Line 253-3465 Email
Barbara Krupo County Line 253-3465 Email 
Elizabeth Perry County Line 253-3465 Email
Leanne Zoesch County Line 253-3465 Email
Jennifer Sturm County Line 253-3465 Email
Michael Karrels MacArthur 253-3468 Email 
Julie Mandella MacArthur 253-3468 Email 
Julie Runnells MacArthur 253-3468 Email
Julie Bucher MacArthur 253-3468  
Jennifer Last MacArthur 253-3468  
Linda Gould Rockfield 253-3472 Email
Shelli Turner Rockfield 253-3472 Email
Cathy Short Rockfield 253-3472 Email
Candice Miller Rockfield (Early Childhood)  253-472 Email
Nicole Leffler Rockfield (Early Childhood) 253-3472 Email
Sara Kendall Rockfield 253-3472  
Buffi Wargolet Rockfield 253-3472  
Carrie Monosso Rockfield 253-3472  
Middle School Staff  School  Phone #  Email
Jennifer Lamb KMS 502-7414  Email
Peter Dale KMS 502-7376  Email
Darcy Jesswein KMS 502-7343 Email
Elizabeth Schritz KMS 502-7390 Email
Khristian Kay KMS 502-7376 Email
Ann Marie Kraemer KMS 502-7417 Email
Keith Michalowski KMS 502-7344 Email
  KMS 502-7344  Email
Joy Pilz KMS 502-7390  Email
Amy Kreuser KMS 502-7390 Email
Alissa Schneider KMS 253-3450  
Carrie Nachtway KMS 253-3450  
High School Staff  School  Phone #  Email
Stephanie Kaebisch GHS 502-7271  Email
Jacob Davis GHS 502-7162  Email
Jon Davis GHS 502-7118  Email
Angela Blau GHS 502-7161  Email
Brittany Gross GHS 502-7160  Email
Gina Ray GHS 502-7183  Email
Matthew Stuve GHS 502-7165  Email
Jill Sweeney GHS 502-7118  Email
Heidi Timm GHS 502-7118 Email
Matt Ward GHS 502-7271 Email
Eric Vivoda GHS    
Lisa Densing GHS 253-3400  


  • Germantown School District Office
  • N104W13840 Donges Bay Rd, Germantown, 53022
  • Phone: 262-253-3900